Good Bye, SQA team!

以下是我的告別信. 為什麼要貼? 因為我覺得我寫的還蠻煽情的, 忍不住一看再看, 逼出幾滴眼淚來...

Dear all SQA,

I am sending you the execution summary of my transition - last mile of my journey in SQA team. If you want to check who will be responsible for what, and how I did TOI, please click here. If you find anything missing in my transition, don’t send me a CAR! Just feel free to tell me directly. Don't panic. I am still at Trend...

My last assignment is to write a farewell letter to you, but it is really the most difficult part I think. I joined SQA team in 2002, earlier than any of you I think, but I do learn a lot from everyone of you. I don't know how to express my feeling and my thanks in a short mail, so I only can say: It's my honor to work with you!

Although you don't develop any software product, you develop a better thing - People. Thank you Samuel, James, and everyone in this team, your knowledge and experience sharing helped me to learn what a good SQA should be, what a good manager should be, and most important, what a leader should be. Although you don't develop any software product, for me, you are a real "Development Team"! It's really my honor to work with you in the three years!

Thank you again, and expecting for co-working with you some other time!

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